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If you’re a Starlight who has been on twitter the past few days, you are probably aware of what’s going on in our fandom, if not, allow me to enlighten you.

Now I should add that even I am not 100% informed on this situation (I’m not fluent in Korean and don’t have access to all of the fan cafe at this point in time) and have only received information secondhand from Korean Starlights based off of what they’ve been saying on Twitter, along with others who attended the HEX SIGN showcase in Seoul.

It seems in this situation, many international Starlights are really confused and upset about what’s going on. Some feel that the fansites were selfish and others are incredibly grateful. Some are really upset at Jelpi (Jellyfish, VIXX’s company) for being so strict and others believe that rules are rules that should always be abided by (either for the sake of the fandom or simply just doing the right thing). Others are trying to avoid the topic entirely to avoid conflict.

Here are a few things to note:

1. Jellyfish made it quite clear in the fan cafe that photography or recording of any kind was strictly prohibited and any fansites caught posting content from the HEX SIGN showcase would be banned from any fan activities, recordings, music show appearances, fansigns, and so on for 3 months.

2. Several fansites knowingly took pictures anyway, KNOWING they were at risk for being banned if they were caught. Many fans live tweeted and took pictures of the members leaving the concert venue however, which (to my knowledge) Jellyfish had no objections to.

Coming from the company’s perspective, they purposefully asked fans to NOT take pictures for a reason. There is speculation that they filmed the concert for the purpose of releasing a DVD. Under such circumstances, recording or filming during the concert would be considered a breach of copyright law, which is not only bad but illegal. Because a lot of fans were not certain as to whether or not Jellyfish really did intend to release a DVD, they wanted to capture the concert anyway. I honestly feel that if there had been more transparency on Jellyfish’s part with the fans, but on the other hand, if they had intended it as a surprise, they shouldn’t have to ruin it just to keep people from breaking rules.

NOW Coming from the fansite’s perspective. I’ve seen a lot of hurtful comments on Twitter attacking the fansites who took pictures or filmed during the concert without understanding their motive. Let me begin with saying that verbally attacking or slandering other people within our fandom who have done so much for our fandom and for VIXX members and staff is not okay. Everyone has their own take on why they did this. Some say they were pissed off at Jellyfish and did it to avenge other banned fansites. Others say they simply wanted to share the pictures with fans who couldn’t make it to the concert. Then we have those who say they only did it for attention or money (site revenue from ads and so on). Several of these fansites, such as Meltingvoice, To Ravi, and Black Pearl (and many more) fed the members/staff by bringing in food trucks and setting up coffee stands. Several other fansites and their followers donated generous amounts of money to set up elaborate rice wreaths for the concert as well, to congratulate VIXX on their first showcase (and all of that rice? It goes to local charities to feed the hungry).

With all of that said, I don’t think it’s fair to call either party “bad guys.” The fansites really care about VIXX and the fan community, but they still broke the rules. Breaking the rules doesn’t make them a bad person, but a bad fan? Considering all that they’ve done for VIXX and the community thus far, I don’t feel right saying that, but you’re free to disagree. It’s important to remember that VIXX owes us nothing, and even in doing these favors for them, it’s unfair to hold them ransom with sheer materialism.

On a side note, Jellyfish is a practical company with rules that greatly affect fan culture for the sake of protecting their idols. For instance, the “no gift” policy makes complete sense to me. The possibility of anti-fans for instance sending malicious gifts is one concern, but in all practicality, if fans just gave them stuff all the time, imagine how much crap they’d have to lug around. Their dorm would be filled. TBH if I were an idol, I’d ask my fans to donate to charity in my name and be satisfied. Don’t send me elaborate gifts, but I would love to read fan letters (which is actually completely okay, according to Jelpi)!

Where I stand on the issue: I obviously am not an advocate of breaking rules, however, I understand that the fansites had good intentions and will not bash them for wanting to share their concert experience with the fans, even if I don’t agree with their methods. I think that if Jelpi didn’t want them to take pictures or record the concert, they should have respected their reasons for doing so. I have in fact accidentally retweeted fancams and have since deleted them from my account out of courtesy for my followers who are completely against the fact that the fancams exist in the first place. Several people I follow on twitter have been either scolded or passively attacked by mutuals for retweeting fancams, and I’ve been there to console the guilt-ridden ones. I take on a semi-Robin Hood mentality with this one - fans aren’t doing any harm by taking pictures so long as Jellyfish isn’t negatively impacted by their actions. What’s important is that if and when a DVD is released, that people buy it. Copyright laws exist to protect intellectual property so that content-creators don’t lose money by having their creations pirated or forged and then redistributed by someone else for free or for profit - either way, the content creator get screwed because consumers can access content for free or cheaper than they otherwise would have had to pay (possibly more) for by the original content-creator. If you are a true fan of VIXX - support them by buying their content and keep them in business. Bottom line, this is a business. Fan culture is a product of that business because it sucks people in and keeps Jellyfish in the green. In all practicality, a lot of fans won’t see this nitty gritty and argue over trivial things. I understand both sides and remain neutral on the subject, meanwhile trying to remain considerate of those who disagree.

All in all, I think it’s important that we as a fandom stop attacking one another, and here’s what I propose as solution to this problem.

1. Don’t say mean things about other fans. In fact, if you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say it. They’re not any less of a fan for disagreeing with you. Ignore it, and move on. If you’re having a bad day, get offline and go outside. Look up workout videos on youtube and sweat the stress away. The hype will wear off in a few days, so just avoid it until then.

2. If you’re not okay with seeing fancams, simply block the fansites on twitter posting them. Unfollowing people you were okay with 3 days ago sends a bad message, and will only invoke more conflict. Don’t attack your mutuals retweeting pictures or other content from the concert, simply block the source. If they continue talking about it, just ignore them. If you’re really just sick of seeing fancams and can’t avoid it, refer to #1.

3. If you ARE okay with seeing fancams, be courteous of your followers who don’t want to see them and don’t retweet them. The damage has already been done - the rules have already been broken, however, retweeting these pictures only encourages fansites to continue to break the rules and piss other people off. Feel free to privately message people who you want to share pictures with that are okay with it (I mean, you really want to see them and I can’t stop you), but don’t do it out in the open, especially if your account is set to public. It just sends a bad message. If you are having a hard time doing that, refer to #1.

A lot of us are still in the dark about certain details of this conflict, so in reality, it’s best to just avoid throwing shade at one another.

If you could do your Starlight friends a favor, please reblog this. I really hate to see everyone fighting and hope we can all overcome this conflict, as a fandom, soon.

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I want to start off clarifying that this “rebellion” became more of a fight among Starlights instead of Starlights with Jellyfish.

It all began when Jellyfish posted an announcement saying that pictures, videos, and recordings are strictly forbidden not only during the concert but inside the concert hall. As soon as fans entered, staff prevented them from taking pictures of even the empty stage though not as strictly enforced. As I remember, however, when they made the announcement once more right before the concert started, they said, “if caught…. forced to leave…”. I think this brought fans to think that they could take pictures etc. as long as they did not get caught. During the first concert, a few fans were dragged out because they were caught, or more accurately, they were reported to the staff by fellow fans around them. Nevertheless, fansite managers uploaded high quality photos of the concert on twitter and other SNS.

On the 20th, Jellyfish posted another announcement upon realizing this. To summarize, they will not allow those who are reported of breaking the rules to attend any official events or apply to support for 3 months. Some Starlights have been reporting all the fansites who broke the rules, and those fansite managers’ privileges have been taken away, resulting in fansite managers angered and freezing their sites.

At first, it was a fight between Starlights (especially fansite managers) and Jellyfish. The fansites couldn’t understand why photos, videos, and recordings were forbidden - for who’s sake. Their argument was that this is for all the fans to enjoy, especially those who could not attend the concerts. However, it has been turning into a war within the fandom itself as some Starlights have constantly been reporting these fansites. These Starlights are taking the stance that rules are rules and we should follow them since Jellyfish explicitly made numerous announcements.


Against-fantakens Starlights:

  • You should follow rules and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a fansite manager or not. Rules are rules.
  • We’re getting a DVD anyway. What’s the point? Don’t risk it for all of us.

For-fantakens Starlights:

  • It’s funny how everyone is looking at the pictures and fancams, etc. and yet still reporting them or having a problem with them. Hypocritical.
  • As fans who have been getting so much from these fansites and participating in all their events and such, you should be supporting them. You can’t just turn your back on people who’ve given you so much.
  • Fantakens are obviously different from the DVD.
  • Any fan would want to share every moment with each other.

It wouldn’t be as big of an issue as it is now if everyone tried to work with each other instead of just cursing and fighting. But at this point, we’ll just have to try to figure out how to solve this instead of figuring out who is right or wrong, because this just arose from two different ways of loving VIXX.

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